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TV series, 1983-1987

Stories from a small town in rural South Africa, as told by town gossip Mietie, who runs the local co-op. Mietie spends a lot of time on the stoep with her two friends, the wise Veldsman and the neurotic and conservative Genis. As they watch the townsfolk go by, they recount their sometimes tragic, often hilarious tales. Other recurring characters are the local pastor and Veldsman's beautiful young wife, Lettie. Read more about Koöperasiestories

Sagmoedige Neelsie

TV series, 1984

Mini-series about the gentle-hearted Neelsie and his endless trouble with his stubborn and incompetent fellow man. "Sagmoedige Neelsie" was an alter ego of C.J. Langenhoven, and the series was based on the fantasies and stories of this famous Afrikaans author. Read more about Sagmoedige Neelsie

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