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Shaka Zulu

TV series, 1986

Bill Faure's epic and controversial series about the legendary Zulu king. The series was produced by the SABC, but in order to get around cultural boycotts against South Africa, the corporation made a deal with American production company Harmony Gold to distribute the series abroad. The SABC even hid their involvement completely in some countries. Despite the controvercy, accusations of apartheid propaganda and many historical inaccuracies, the series became incredibly popular. It was seen by millions across the world, including in America, England and West Germany. Read more about Shaka Zulu


TV series, 1982-1986

Prison drama described as a series of "dramatised documentaries" based on real events in South African prisons over 75 years. The series follows the lives of the inmates and wardens of Pretoria Central Prison and in particular the hero, Skollie and his constant escape attempts. After two series, the story was concluded in a film called Vyfster, Die Slot, which follows Skollie's battle to find his son despite the scheming of his enemies inside and outside prison. Read more about Vyfster

Ouens Soos Ons

TV series, 1986

TV series about six South African soldiers who've received the Honoris Crux award for bravery. Each episode told a different story, all based on real events. The series was co-produced by the South African military. Read more about Ouens Soos Ons

Die Vlakte Duskant Hebron

TV series, 1982

Drama series set during the Great Depression. A struggling farmer moves to the "plains on this side of Hebron" with his daughter, Santie. The drama unfolds as the locals' relationships with each other and especially with the strange Gaitsigubib break down. Read more about Die Vlakte Duskant Hebron


TV series, 1981-1982

Crime series based on real incidents from old police dossiers and covering all manner of crimes, from murder and robbery to poaching and sabotage. Read more about Klagstaat

Die Siel van die Mier

TV series, 1979

Mini-series about Eugène Nielen Marais, well-known Afrikaans writer, scientist, philosopher, lawyer and naturalist. The series focuses on the nine years he spent in the Waterberg in the early twentieth century, the people he met there, his longing for a substitute for his late wife, and his decline into morphine addiction. The title refers to one of his most famous books, Die Siel van die Mier (translated into English as The Soul of the White Ant). Read more about Die Siel van die Mier

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