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Wolwedans in die Skemer

TV series, 1987

TV adaptation of the hugely popular 1981 radio drama, about the murderous "wolf" terrorising the residents of Hotel Nyala - particularly the new receptionist, Sonja Daneel, whose memory loss seems to hide certain horrors in her past, as well as the identity of the murderer. But will she remember before she falls victim to the killer's axe? The TV series had new twists and intrigues. In 2012, Wolwedans in die Skemer became a film and another novel, once again with new surprises. Read more about Wolwedans in die Skemer

Die Mannheim Sage

TV series, 1986

Period drama set in the days of the Witwatersrand gold rush. The series followed the parallel stories of Deborah von Albein, a beautiful and stubborn young woman, and her great-granddaughter Irene. In 1886, Deborah and her mother are forced off the family farm in the Western Cape, to the goldfields of what was fast becoming the new town of Johannesburg. Here Deborah falls in love with a dashing Irishman, Kit Malloy, who has already made his fortune and is one of the most influential men in the Transvaal. But instead, she marries Karel, the weak and spoilt son of mine magnate Kurt Mannheim. Read more about Die Mannheim Sage

Die Vlakte Duskant Hebron

TV series, 1982

Drama series set during the Great Depression. A struggling farmer moves to the "plains on this side of Hebron" with his daughter, Santie. The drama unfolds as the locals' relationships with each other and especially with the strange Gaitsigubib break down. Read more about Die Vlakte Duskant Hebron

Brood vir my Broer

TV series, 1982

Drama about the feud between the families of two neighbouring farms. The Fouchés – Stan, Jos and Stan’s son Stanley - live on El Rancho, where they breed racehorses. Their neighbour is the rich Hendrik Broodryk, who owns the local store as well as most of the businesses in town, and his two sons, Hennie and Frans. Hennie can do no wrong in his father’s eyes and despite the fact that he steals his brother’s girlfriend Rina and gets involved in horse theft, it is Frans who’s the black sheep in the family. The series was based on the 1970s radio drama and novel by Cor Nortjé. Read more about Brood vir my Broer

Le Tla Mpona

TV series, 1982

Drama series about the rise and fall of a man who finds sudden wealth. After his wife's death, Ponko receives a R50,000 life insurance-payout. The series follows his relationships with  friends and family, and traces the effects of his new-found riches. Le Tla Mpona was the first drama series on the new TV3 channel and also the first South African drama series in a black African language. It was based on a popular radio drama by David Mothibi. Read more about Le Tla Mpona

Nie Vanweë die Duisternis

TV series, 1980

Drama series based on the successful radio serial and set in a Cape fishing town in the 1940s. It is a time when food shortages in America and Europe have lead to a boom in the fishing industry. Fish factories have shot up all along the coast and fishermen have become rich virtually overnight. But in Vredehoek, community leader Samuel Zeeman has resisted progress. He is opposed by Piet Landman, who after a 40-year absence has returned a wealthy businessman and hopes to make Vredehoek part of the modern world. Read more about Nie Vanweë die Duisternis


TV series, 1978

Drama series following the dreams and struggles of six residents of the fourth floor of Queens Court, an old apartment building in Hillbrow. Seepsteenbataljon was the first Afrikaans television serial and was an adaptation of a radio serial by Kobus Louw. Read more about Seepsteenbataljon

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