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TV series, 1989

Youth series about a bright, talented tomboy, Saartjie Baumann, and her friends. Saartjie, Anna and Lina are thick as thieves and get up to all sorts of mischief in Lynnekom, a town not too far from Johannesburg. They are often joined by Galpil and his friends. To their great irritation, there's also Saartjie's little brother Apie, who likes making life difficult for our three friends, as well as Anna's little sister Muggie, who always wants to tag along. Read more about Saartjie

Jasper le Feuvre

TV series, 1984

Swashbuckling adventure series about Jasper le Feuvre and his thirst for revenge. Twelve years ago, a rich young man named Jasper le Feuvre was kidnapped and thrown in the hold of a pirate ship. On its way to France, the ship attacked a Dutch ship and shot it to pieces. In the ensuing fight Jasper landed in a lifeboat with the Dutch captain, three lowly sailors and a little girl who had lost her mother in the attack. The lifeboat drifted at sea for 19 days, and Jasper did all he can to save the mortally ill girl. Read more about Jasper le Feuvre


TV series, 1988

Youth series set in 1917 and following the adventures of Patrys and his friends Spekies, Olifant and Jan Flap - not to forget the girls, the cheeky Meraai and the shy Sybokkie. The series was based on E.B. Grosskopf's well-known 1926 novel. Read more about Patrys-hulle

Kinders van die Sabbatsee

TV series, 1988-1989

Drama series based on Esta Steyn's award-winning serial in Sarie magazine, which was published in book form in 1985. The story follows the lives of the small community on the West Coast. After many years in the city, Hawert returns to his childhood home. He hopes to develop Sabbatstrand, a piece of land that his father had left to Hawert's adoptive sister Lyla. She hates him for abandoning their father before his death, and the animosity between the two grows. Meanwhile, the former owner of Sabbatstrand, the wealthy Jack Zwiegelaar, is also trying to get his hands on the land. Read more about Kinders van die Sabbatsee

Guillam Woudberg

TV series, 1987

Drama series set towards the end of the 18th century, in the time of the Republic of Graaff-Reinet. Guillam Woudberg, who lives on the frontier, learns that he has just inherited two prize farms in the Cape Boland. There is one condition: that he lives on the farms himself. This doesn't suit him, so he gets around the proviso by marrying a beautiful girl from the Boland, Suzette Davel. This arranged marriage, along with tension between the English government and a group of rebels lead to a lot of action and intrigue. Read more about Guillam Woudberg

Die Pikkewouters van Amper-Stamperland

TV series, 1984

Puppet series about the Pikkewouters and their quest to find the land where there are no pesky Slakkelange. The location of this far-off land is a secret and can only be solved if you have all three parts of the riddles. The guardians of the riddles are the Koggeljaan, the Spinnelak and the Krokkenoster, and the Pikkewouters set off to visit these three creatures. The adventures of Pikketoos and Pokkelwyn were continued in a sequel called Avonture in Amper-Stamperland (1985). Read more about Die Pikkewouters van Amper-Stamperland

Sien Jy Nou

TV series, 1984

Youth series. A teenage girl and her family struggle to adjust after she is blinded in an accident. During a school concert, a piece of the set falls on Tonia Visser. She is left blind, but refuses to go to a school for blind students and insist on carrying on with her life as before. Her decision has major consequences for her family - father, twin sister Berna, little brother Ferdie and housekeeper Mirrie - as well as her friends and teachers at school. Read more about Sien Jy Nou

Geknelde Land

TV series, 1984

Adaption of F.A. Venter's award-winning novel about a family who joins the Great Trek into South Africa's interior. At the time, the series was one of the biggest and most expensive TV productions the SABC had embarked on and was desribed as "Afrikaans Television's first super series". The story begins during the Sixth Border War in 1834, and follows the Dreyer family of Grensplaas, the clashes between their community and the local Xhosas and the family's decision to leave their farm and join the trek into the South African interior. Read more about Geknelde Land


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