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Mrs Dumbleby

TV series, 1983-1985

Cut-out animation series about Mrs Dumbleby, her housekeeper Crumms and their many interesting friends. Their adventures take them to the circus, the fair, Spain - even outer space and the time of the dinosaurs! Mrs Dumbleby is often accompanied by her three little friends and dog. Read more about Mrs Dumbleby

Fransina Vark en die Dagbreek Hotel

TV series, 1984-1985

Animated series about the colourful characters of Leliefontein. Leading the bunch is Fransina, a motherly pig who wears an apron, bakes traditional treats and faints at the first glimpse of excitement. Others include young Phillipus Vark, Mrs. Dassie, the cunning Jasper Jakkals, Mrs. Meerkat, Hannes Hond, Sybrand Slang, Dr. Cruywagen Krokodil, Annabel Aap and world-famous traveller Bernard Bobbejaan. Read more about Fransina Vark en die Dagbreek Hotel

Uz Adibalz an Fings

TV series, 1979-1980

Childen's series about different animals and their habits and characteristics. Each week Zoot tells a story about a different animal friend, including Ted Tadpole, Fred Frog, Doby Dog, Absentminded the kitten, Horsely Horse and Vitamin B and Buzzy the two busy bees. The characters were made of cardboard and were manipulated by black-clad puppeteers against a black background.

In 1980, a spin-off was broadcast: in Zoot's Rooty Toot Toot Show, Zoot presented his own pop music show. Read more about Uz Adibalz an Fings

Racheltjie de Beer

TV film, 1982

Animated version of the famous Afrikaans story about the heroic Racheltjie de Beer, who sacrificed her own life to save her little brother from the cold. Though the story has been told as a true story for many years, many doubt that Rachel de Beer really existed. Nevertheless, she remains an icon in Afrikaans literature. This adaptation was the first full-length animated TV film in South Africa. Read more about Racheltjie de Beer

Die Kaskenades van Dr Kleiman

TV series, 1982-1990

Clay animation series following the adventures of the little clay man Dr. Kleiman, who uses his vivid animation to let everyday objects come to life to build machines, houses and cars, sew a suit, write letters and bake cakes. The second series was called Die Wonderwêreld van Dr. Kleiman, and showed the misadventures of Dr. Kleiman's two assistants, Dirk and Ted, who often needed to be rescued from their own messes. Read more about Die Kaskenades van Dr Kleiman

Oom Kaspaas en Nefie

TV series, 1980-1981

The first local Afrikaans animated series, based on T.O. Honiball's comics about Oom Kaspaas' rather fanciful hunting adventures. Young Nefie is an eager listener, even if he doesn't always believe the tall tales. For the TV stories, the original scripts from the 1950s radio series were used. Read more about Oom Kaspaas en Nefie

Wielie Walie

TV series, 1976-1996

Children’s series set in and around a playroom (the Speelkamer) inhabited by a colourful crowd of puppet characters. Sarel Seemonster was a rather dumb but lovable seamonster with a great love for stories – in fact, as he would often remind everybody, "Stories is my Leeeewe!" ("Stories are my liiiife"). His neighbour in the Speelkamer was Karel Kraai, a kind if know-it-all crow quite skilled in piano, guitar and film making. His films were educational shorts which taught the maats (friends) about everything from chickens to the cosmos. Read more about Wielie Walie

Haas Das se Nuuskas

TV series, 1976-1980

Children’s series in which rabbit Haas Das brings the daily news from the animal kingdom. He is assisted (or hampered) by Piet Muis, the rather neurotic mouse who brings in the late bulletins and reads the weather. Haas Das was known for his sense of style: every week he sported a new tie, and as the series became more popular, viewers would send him ties to wear. (His name translates to "Hare Tie"). Read more about Haas Das se Nuuskas

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