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TV series, 1989

Youth series about a bright, talented tomboy, Saartjie Baumann, and her friends. Saartjie, Anna and Lina are thick as thieves and get up to all sorts of mischief in Lynnekom, a town not too far from Johannesburg. They are often joined by Galpil and his friends. To their great irritation, there's also Saartjie's little brother Apie, who likes making life difficult for our three friends, as well as Anna's little sister Muggie, who always wants to tag along. Read more about Saartjie

Jasper le Feuvre

TV series, 1984

Swashbuckling adventure series about Jasper le Feuvre and his thirst for revenge. Twelve years ago, a rich young man named Jasper le Feuvre was kidnapped and thrown in the hold of a pirate ship. On its way to France, the ship attacked a Dutch ship and shot it to pieces. In the ensuing fight Jasper landed in a lifeboat with the Dutch captain, three lowly sailors and a little girl who had lost her mother in the attack. The lifeboat drifted at sea for 19 days, and Jasper did all he can to save the mortally ill girl. Read more about Jasper le Feuvre

Guillam Woudberg

TV series, 1987

Drama series set towards the end of the 18th century, in the time of the Republic of Graaff-Reinet. Guillam Woudberg, who lives on the frontier, learns that he has just inherited two prize farms in the Cape Boland. There is one condition: that he lives on the farms himself. This doesn't suit him, so he gets around the proviso by marrying a beautiful girl from the Boland, Suzette Davel. This arranged marriage, along with tension between the English government and a group of rebels lead to a lot of action and intrigue. Read more about Guillam Woudberg


TV series, 1985

Adventure series about the friendship between a sea captain and a young orphan and their many adventures - including car chases, explosions, underwater action and plenty of trouble with the villain, Lothar. Read more about Seeduiker


TV series, 1983

Action-packed children's series. Secret agent cat Ferdinand van Oranje receives his missions from a voice over his pocket radio. Though we never see his mysterious boss, we can rest assured that he will be there when Ferdie needs help. Ferdie's nemesis is Meesterbrein, who is just as mysterious as Ferdie's boss: all we ever see of the fiend are his two hands. He leaves the real dirty work to his two sidekicks, Rotbeen and Skiergesig, who never miss a chance to make life difficult for Ferdie and his clever assistant, Katinka. Read more about Ferdie

Die Dubbele Alibi

TV drama, 1976

Suspense drama written especially for television by Cor Dirks, famous Afrikaans author of youth novel series such as Die Uile and Die Otters. It was the first TV drama shown on South African television, on opening night (5 January 1976). Read more about Die Dubbele Alibi

Die Swart Kat

TV series, 1986-1995

Youth series about a young boy’s secret crime fighting adventures. Borrie Veldt seems like any other 12-year-old boy. He watches the A-Team, reads comic books and fights with his older sister, Rienie. At night, however, Borrie takes his BMX, slingshot and sister’s black ballet stockings and, disguised as Die Swart Kat (Black Cat), he solves the crimes that baffle his detective father. He always leaves his calling card on the scene in the hope that Die Swart Kat will get recognition for his daring and brilliance. Read more about Die Swart Kat

Roep van die Visarend

TV series, 1982

Action-filled youth series, about a game ranger in a private reserve in the Lowveld. His name is Viervoet-Loek Bester, a former mercenary in Rhodesia. His assistant is Modzumi Albasini, who was forced to take the position after being caught poaching. Viervoet-Loek’s son is Kleinloek, who until now has been going to boarding school in the city and barely knows how to hold a gun, soon becomes firm friends with Modzumi’s tomboy daughter, Toeks. Read more about Roep van die Visarend

Die Avonture van Joachim Verwey

TV series, 1981

When Joachim Verwey’s girlfriend leaves him for another man, she has the audacity to take his grandmother’s beautiful old piano with her. He swears to find her and the piano and to bring them both back where they belong – with him, in Soekmekaar. He sets off to Johannesburg with nothing but a suitcase, revolver, bicycle and his pet chameleon Pontius, and soon he finds himself mixed up with criminals and knee-deep in adventure. Read more about Die Avonture van Joachim Verwey

For the Love of Gold

TV series, 1981

Historical drama. In 1900, French doctor Jacques Cervin inherits a South African gold mine from a dying patient. He sets off to the Transvaal where he soon becomes embroiled in the Anglo-Boer War. Adventure follows as he fights on the side of the Boers – and falls in love with an English woman. Other characters are Mary Lawson, the English nurse; Marguerite, a boer girl; the traitor Meeker; the deceitful Praxton; Jacob the young boer commando leader; Sir Henry, the director of a British mining company and Mr. and Mrs. Hasenfeld, Boer sympathisers from the Cape. Read more about For the Love of Gold


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