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Mulwana La Mmutla

TV series, 1982

Maqiti Mmutla the rabbit owns a film production company. Together with his two friends, Malekelle Mosha the scatterbrained meerkat and Moletsi Nakedi the musical skunk, he makes educational films for children. But despite their serious business, this threesome is everything but dour, and their escapades made the children laugh while they learn. Read more about Mulwana La Mmutla

Motlhalefi Molefe

TV series, 1982

Series about a clever young boy who helps his police serfeant father in the fight against crime. With his bright ideas and clever inventions, Motlhalefi Molefe and his friend Itumeleng often get the bad guys - from bullies and cheaters to jewellery thieves drug smugglers. Read more about Motlhalefi Molefe

Le Tla Mpona

TV series, 1982

Drama series about the rise and fall of a man who finds sudden wealth. After his wife's death, Ponko receives a R50,000 life insurance-payout. The series follows his relationships with  friends and family, and traces the effects of his new-found riches. Le Tla Mpona was the first drama series on the new TV3 channel and also the first South African drama series in a black African language. It was based on a popular radio drama by David Mothibi. Read more about Le Tla Mpona

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