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TV series, 1983

Television version of the classic Afrikaans novel by C.M. van den Heever. The drama is set in the 1920s in a small rural community in the southern Free State. Wenda de Blerk is a beautiful young farm girl with big and passionate dreams about a "bigger life". Through her international magazines she yearns for the big cities and historical towns of Europe with their elegant restaurants, theatres and people. Her dreams are about to become true: once she and her big love Braam get married, they will leave the town of Kromburg and settle in London, where Braam will continue his studies. Read more about Kromburg


TV series, 1983

Psychological thriller set in an isolated mountain hotel. After an earthquake, the hotel's residents become trapped when the only road out is destroyed. As they wait for the road to be repaired, they start delving into each other's pasts. It seems they all have something to hide - and when they start dying one by one, it becomes clear than one of them is even capable of murder. Read more about Herberg


TV series, 1983

Drama series following the lives, loves and secrets of the people on the Fynbos holiday farm. The owner is Maria Eksteen, who will go to great lengths to protect a certain secret, even if it means ruining the lives and happiness of the people around her. She is married to Gideon, her second husband, and they live with their daughter Linda, as well as Gideon's daughter Jossie. Read more about Fynbos


TV series, 1984-1986

Religious magazine programme for children with music, stories, crafts and more. Presenter Hannalize Nel was joined by the Brok family, the puppets Brokkie, Brêkie, Briljantjie, Brullebak, Broseleintjie and their dog Bruldok.
  Read more about Brokkies

Racheltjie de Beer

TV film, 1982

Animated version of the famous Afrikaans story about the heroic Racheltjie de Beer, who sacrificed her own life to save her little brother from the cold. Though the story has been told as a true story for many years, many doubt that Rachel de Beer really existed. Nevertheless, she remains an icon in Afrikaans literature. This adaptation was the first full-length animated TV film in South Africa. Read more about Racheltjie de Beer


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