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Rieksie Rautenbach, Baasspeurder

TV series, 1986

Youth series about a woman detective who gets stationed in a small Free State town. Rieksie Rautenbach gets sent to Blesbokfontein and quickly decides to get the station back into shape. Her station commander doesn't seem convinced that a woman could be up for the job and they are constantly at odds with each other. But Rieksie doesn't stand back for her colleagues and often gets the bad guys, whether it's thieves, kidnappers, drug dealers or murderers they're after. Read more about Rieksie Rautenbach, Baasspeurder


TV series, 1986

Education series in which Pieriewierie and his friends teach children about all sorts of things, from road rules to fruit and vegetables. Pieriewierie lives in a magic tree in Pieriewieriepark and gets regular visits from Parkie, the park caretaker; Sonja the vegetable seller; Mr. Postman; and the children. There's also Bravo Brak and Crescendo Kat, the glamourous cabaret pair who sing beautiful songs about all sorts of interesting topics. Read more about Pieriewieriepark


TV series, 1986

Detective series about Meiring Naude, a millionaire property speculator who's always dreamt of being a private detective. With a couple of his friends, they outsmart some tough criminals. Read more about Veebee

Die Mannheim Sage

TV series, 1986

Period drama set in the days of the Witwatersrand gold rush. The series followed the parallel stories of Deborah von Albein, a beautiful and stubborn young woman, and her great-granddaughter Irene. In 1886, Deborah and her mother are forced off the family farm in the Western Cape, to the goldfields of what was fast becoming the new town of Johannesburg. Here Deborah falls in love with a dashing Irishman, Kit Malloy, who has already made his fortune and is one of the most influential men in the Transvaal. But instead, she marries Karel, the weak and spoilt son of mine magnate Kurt Mannheim. Read more about Die Mannheim Sage

Ouens Soos Ons

TV series, 1986

TV series about six South African soldiers who've received the Honoris Crux award for bravery. Each episode told a different story, all based on real events. The series was co-produced by the South African military. Read more about Ouens Soos Ons


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