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Something Else

TV series, 1981-1982

Series for very young children, in which musician David, his guitar and his ragdoll friend Silly Sue teach about everyday things like the five senses, colours, shapes, clothes, music and more. Read more about Something Else


TV series, 1981-1985

The adventures of a little dog named Cheesecake and his good friend Tennessee, the cat from the American South. They often play detective to bring down villaineous theatre cat Reginald who loves wearing costumes and playing nasty tricks. His sidekick is an elegant pink poodle named Madame – though she’s ready to drop his side when too much trouble brews. The series was a co-production between the SABC and the UK’s ITV. While head of production Nick Orchard and puppeteer Mary Edwards were British, the rest of the production team came from South Africa. Read more about Cheesecake


TV series, 1981-1985

Drama series following the boardroom and bedroom intrigue of a PR agency and its people. Westgate PR company is plunged into crisis when one of the founders, Franklyn Westgate, dies. A power struggle develops between co-founder Warren Bartlett and Franklyn’s power-hungry widow Alice, who wants to see her son in charge. But young Ashley Westgate is a playboy and knows nothing about the business, and under his control the company sinks deeper into trouble. Meanwhile, the company’s art director, Ivor Kraft, is out for revenge after an accident caused by Ashley has left him scarred. Read more about Westgate

A Settler's Tale

TV series, 1982

Sequel to the drama series The Settlers, about a group of 1820 British settlers in the Cape Colony. It is more than a decade after the settlers landed. A more mature Jeremiah returns with his wife Eliza and their six children. Although the settlers' are more well off than when they first arrived, the Cape Frontier Wars and the Great Trek cause more than enough upheaval. Read more about A Settler's Tale


TV series, 1978-1983

Puppet series about the inhabitants of Asblikfontein (“Trashcanville”), where discarded objects come to life. The main characters are Oscar, a cheeky but lovable rabbit, and Knersus, the prehistoric pterodactyl with a taste for rabbit meat. Knersus lives in a cave with his three sets of spare teeth, and it's here that he makes his wicked plans to catch Oscar and to annoy the inhabitants of Asblikfontein. Oscar’s friends are knight and inventor Prins Poggenpoel, who went off course during a dragon hunt and was never found; Snorkie the little dragon; and Marietjie the pretty rag doll. Read more about Oscar

Wielie Walie

TV series, 1976-1996

Children’s series set in and around a playroom (the Speelkamer) inhabited by a colourful crowd of puppet characters. Sarel Seemonster was a rather dumb but lovable seamonster with a great love for stories – in fact, as he would often remind everybody, "Stories is my Leeeewe!" ("Stories are my liiiife"). His neighbour in the Speelkamer was Karel Kraai, a kind if know-it-all crow quite skilled in piano, guitar and film making. His films were educational shorts which taught the maats (friends) about everything from chickens to the cosmos. Read more about Wielie Walie

Liewe Heksie

TV series, 1978-1982

Children's puppet series about the residents of Blommeland ("flower land"). The main character is  Blommeland's witch, Levinia. Liewe Heksie, as her friends call her, is not a typical witch. She is kind-hearted, not very bright and she can't really do magic. She has a penchant for getting her and her friends into trouble - and then, most of the time quite by accident, to get them out again. Heksie does have one magic trick up her sleeve: She has a magic horse, Griet, which appears whenever she says his name. Read more about Liewe Heksie

Die Kraaines

TV series, 1975-1984

Children’s programme aimed at children from 8 to 14 years. Die Kraaines covered a wide range of interesting topics: from music and history to industry and wildlife. Specific episodes included visits to soap and sweet factories, a visit to Robben Island, feature on cheetahs, traditional African music and the life of the children on the army bases in West Caprivi and Katimo Mulilo. Read more about Die Kraaines


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