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TV series, 1976

The first Afrikaans comedy series for television, about a bumbling private detective with a good heart and a talent for grabbing the wrong end of the stick. Willem would like nothing more than to be an average P.I. who focusses on simple divorce cases, but he keeps getting mixed up in more adventurous and dangerous affairs. His secretary Pennie is a kind, simple girl with her head in the clouds. Read more about Willem

Liewe Heksie

TV series, 1978-1982

Children's puppet series about the residents of Blommeland ("flower land"). The main character is  Blommeland's witch, Levinia. Liewe Heksie, as her friends call her, is not a typical witch. She is kind-hearted, not very bright and she can't really do magic. She has a penchant for getting her and her friends into trouble - and then, most of the time quite by accident, to get them out again. Heksie does have one magic trick up her sleeve: She has a magic horse, Griet, which appears whenever she says his name. Read more about Liewe Heksie

Ben Brandt

TV series, 1977

Western-style adventure series set in a Lowveld mining town in the 1870s. Our Hero is Ben Brandt, who fights for justice on his horse Satan and with his sidekick Jimmy, who absconded from the British army. Read more about Ben Brandt

Keertyd 11:30

TV series, 1976

Bedecker and Bokkie are boyfriend and girlfriend, and also journalists at competing newspapers. They have a penchant for stealing each other’s stories and a knack for landing more than just the headlines, as their investigations into murder, blackmail, burglaries and spy networks send them on one adventure after the other - but always in time for their 11.30 deadlines! Keertyd 11:30 was the first Afrikaans television series and premiered in the first week of South African television. Read more about Keertyd 11:30

Die Kraaines

TV series, 1975-1984

Children’s programme aimed at children from 8 to 14 years. Die Kraaines covered a wide range of interesting topics: from music and history to industry and wildlife. Specific episodes included visits to soap and sweet factories, a visit to Robben Island, feature on cheetahs, traditional African music and the life of the children on the army bases in West Caprivi and Katimo Mulilo. Read more about Die Kraaines

The Dingleys

TV series, 1977

Also known as A Date with the Dingleys. Comedy series about the Dingley family, who lives in the flat above their bookshop in Pietermaritzburg. Gerald is an honest, conservative man who is very proud of his British ancestry. This bookshop owner is a real stalwart in the community and has ambitions to become the mayor of Pietermaritzburg. His family is often a thorn in his side – especially his 19-year-old son Stanton, whose rebellious ways lead to regular embarassment. Read more about The Dingleys


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