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TV series, 1979-1981

The adventures of Casimir the orange dinosaur and his friends on Kindereiland ("Children Island"). His friends include Janie, who owns the little sweets and toy booth on Kindereiland; François the balloon man; the artistic mr. Snob; Juffrou Lollies, the busy-body; mr. Postman; and Reinaart the tunnel-digging fox. The series originated in France and was remade in South Africa by Louise Smit. Read more about Casimir

Wielie Walie

TV series, 1976-1996

Children’s series set in and around a playroom (the Speelkamer) inhabited by a colourful crowd of puppet characters. Sarel Seemonster was a rather dumb but lovable seamonster with a great love for stories – in fact, as he would often remind everybody, "Stories is my Leeeewe!" ("Stories are my liiiife"). His neighbour in the Speelkamer was Karel Kraai, a kind if know-it-all crow quite skilled in piano, guitar and film making. His films were educational shorts which taught the maats (friends) about everything from chickens to the cosmos. Read more about Wielie Walie


TV series, 1978

Military drama following the adventures of a group of journalists from Paratus, the South African military’s glossy magazine. The main characters are commander Hansen, a trained pilot and editor of Paratus; major Martin Heunis, news editor and former professional soldier; reporter Sonica Heysteck; lieutenant-commander Spook Scott, an experienced journalist and now naval reporter; and Andries Malan, a young cameraman who used medical reasons to get out of conscription. Read more about Opdrag


TV series, 1978

Drama series following the dreams and struggles of six residents of the fourth floor of Queens Court, an old apartment building in Hillbrow. Seepsteenbataljon was the first Afrikaans television serial and was an adaptation of a radio serial by Kobus Louw. Read more about Seepsteenbataljon


TV series, 1977

Action drama about a private detective, Michael Jordan, who loves money, women and fast cars. His clients are usually wealthy and important. Read more about Jordan

TJ 7

TV series, 1978

TV series about a dignified widow and her "family" who live in a hotel in downtown Johannesburg. The series was based on a articles written by “Tant Salie” (the pseudonym of Wim Hartman) for Die Huisgenoot in the 1950s. The articles were set at the Tramway Hotel in Fordsburg, Johannesburg, and focused on the hotel’s colourful inhabitants. The TV series was produced in the same hotel. Read more about TJ 7

Drama, Drama

TV series, 1978

Comedy series modelled on the successful Dokter, Dokter, with many of the same actors. This time the scene is a small theatre, where a brand-new rock opera, Jan van Riebeeck Superster, is meant to tear people away from their TV sets and into the wonderful world of the theatre. But things don’t always go according to plan as egos, old rivalries and a “concerned” member of the public threaten to sink the show. Read more about Drama, Drama

The Villagers

TV series, 1976-1978

The first English drama series on South African television, about life in a small mining town on the Rand. When the general manager of the Village Reef gold mine dies suddenly, everybody expects the much-liked assistant manager, Buller Wilmot, to take over. But the top job goes to a new man, Hilton McRae, and it takes some time for the Village Reefers to get used to their new manager – and for the sophisticated McRaes to get used to life in a small town. Read more about The Villagers


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