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Poor Bitos

TV series, 1979-1980

TV drama in four parts set in the French countryside in the 1950s. A group of local noblemen set out to humiliate and take revenge on Bitos, an ex-schoolmate who has broken free from his lowly birth to attain a powerful position in the Judiciary. This is done at a wig party where everybody is dressed as famous characters from the French revolution, with Bitos dressed as Robespierre. Read more about Poor Bitos

Sebastiaan Senior

TV series, 1978

Comedy drama about Sebastiaan Niemand Sr, a taxi driver who tends to get involved with the joys and sorrows of his clients - with sometimes hilarious, sometimes dangerous results. He’s joined in his adventures by friend and colleague Gerald; Mollie, the owner of the roadhouse where Metro Taxis have their headquarters; his daughter Sysie; and his son Basjan (Sebastiaan Jr). Read more about Sebastiaan Senior

Die Bosveldwinkel

TV series, 1980

Family comedy series set in the Bushveld, on the banks of the Limpopo River. The local shop – the district’s favourite gathering spot – is owned by oom Hans, who loves to brew mampoer and hunt. His rather timid wife is tant Engeltjie, who insists on accompanying him on his night hunting trips, even though she’s dead set against his illegal activities. Read more about Die Bosveldwinkel

Nommer Asseblief

TV series, 1979-1980

Popular comedy series about the De Waals and their colourful family, friends and rivals in and around a small town in the Overberg. The central characters are tant Kriekie de Waal, a widow who lives on Eendrag farm, and oom Fasie de Waal, her brother-in-law who has survived two wives. Years ago they were sweethearts, but when Fasie returned from fighting in the Second World War, Kriekie had already married his brother. Read more about Nommer Asseblief

99 Caroline Street

TV series, 1979

Comedy series about two young women sharing a flat in Hillbrow. Beryl is a sensible, down-to-earth girl while the silly, boy-mad Cathy is quite the opposite. Things don't always go so well between the two girls: like when Cathy's gold fish eats Beryl's, or when Beryl sets a trap for Cathy's pet mouse.  Read more about 99 Caroline Street

Matawane's Gold

TV series, 1979

Adventure series that follows the adventures of a three men entrusted with a wagon-load of state gold, as well as the efforts of their descendents to find the treasure eighty years later. Read more about Matawane's Gold

Phoenix en Kie

TV series, 1979

Drama series about a former boxing champion hoping to return to the top. On the way he has to face a number of obstacles, including a boxing promotor who refuses to give him a chance. Read more about Phoenix en Kie

Professor Lackbrain

TV series, 1979-1980

Children’s series about a silly, scatterbrained professor and his travels to Alphabet Land, where he meets several interesting alphabet characters, including little children disguised as bees in B-Land, and F-Land’s Lord and Lady Flapdoodle and their pots full of alphabet plants. The professor is constantly trying to capture “Common Sense” with a fishnet and a cardboard box, but when he’s finally finds it, he tends to open the box and let it escape.

The series was aimed at teaching 4-7 year-old children about the alphabet. Read more about Professor Lackbrain


TV series, 1978-1983

Puppet series about the inhabitants of Asblikfontein (“Trashcanville”), where discarded objects come to life. The main characters are Oscar, a cheeky but lovable rabbit, and Knersus, the prehistoric pterodactyl with a taste for rabbit meat. Knersus lives in a cave with his three sets of spare teeth, and it's here that he makes his wicked plans to catch Oscar and to annoy the inhabitants of Asblikfontein. Oscar’s friends are knight and inventor Prins Poggenpoel, who went off course during a dragon hunt and was never found; Snorkie the little dragon; and Marietjie the pretty rag doll. Read more about Oscar


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