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The Diggers

TV series, 1980

Action and adventure series set during the 1870s Pilgrim’s Rest gold rush. Main characters are the hapless Sherman, who keeps on having run-ins with corrupt commissioner MacFarlane and bathhouse owner Benny Franks; his right-hand man Samson, an escaped prisoner; young Elizabeth who comes to Pilgrim’s Rest to get married but lands behind the bar counter when the engagement goes sour; Dynamite Dolly, who owns the local hotel and who digs her own claim; and Sonja, the prim and proper shop owner. Read more about The Diggers


TV series, 1980

Medical drama following the lives of the personnel and patients of a general hospital. It is mainly set in three hospital departments, namely the men’s, women’s and emergency wards. Main characters include sister Cathy Graham who, despite her strict and serious exterior, has a soft spot for those in pain, and hospital porter Fred Jenkins, who knows everything that’s going on long before anybody else. Read more about Hospital

The Adventures of Captain Possible

TV series, 1980

Mystery, imagination and fun with Captain Possible and his young friend Miranda. The captain is a writer and old adventurer who lives in an old fisherman’s hut. His twelve-year-old neighbour Miranda loves to visit him and listen to his tales of voyage and adventure. In their imaginations, the two are then whisked away to exotic places where they meet some interesting –  even dangerous – characters. Read more about The Adventures of Captain Possible

The Settlers

TV series, 1980

Drama series following the lives, loves and hardships of a group of 1820 British settlers. The story was largely based on the diaries of one Jeremiah Goldswain, who is also the main character of the series.

Goldswain, a craftsman, arrives with the first group of settlers. He falls in love with Eliza Debnam, whose family’s higher social status makes them look down on her young suitor.

The Settlers was followed by its sequel, A Settler's Tale.

  Read more about The Settlers


TV series, 1980

Henry Rider Haggard’s bestselling story about Horace Holly and Leo Vincy’s journey into Africa to find the legendary white queen Ayesha, or “She-who-must-be-obeyed”.  Read more about She


TV series, 1980

Youth series based on the popular Trompie book series by Topsy Smith, about the adventures of Trompie Toerien and his friends Blikkie, Dawie and Rooie. Together they’re known as the “Boksombende”, and their mischief and grand schemes often land them in trouble. They live in Kwaggaberg, a fictional town based on Heidelberg in what is now Gauteng, and the TV-series was shot in Heidelberg and Johannesburg. Read more about Trompie

Bangalory Time

TV series, 1976-1978

Children’s series about Clary, the owner of a little rumble store, and her puppet friends Percy Parrot, Mango Monkey and Alfredo Armadillo. Clary’s aunt is travelling the world and sends postcards from each exotic location she visits. In 1977 Bangalory Time got a new storyteller when Clary left, and Marianne continued to entertain the children and puppets until the series ended in 1978. Read more about Bangalory Time

Die Siel van die Mier

TV series, 1979

Mini-series about Eugène Nielen Marais, well-known Afrikaans writer, scientist, philosopher, lawyer and naturalist. The series focuses on the nine years he spent in the Waterberg in the early twentieth century, the people he met there, his longing for a substitute for his late wife, and his decline into morphine addiction. The title refers to one of his most famous books, Die Siel van die Mier (translated into English as The Soul of the White Ant). Read more about Die Siel van die Mier


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