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TV series, 1981-1984

Youth drama series. Christo de Wet is a young history teacher in his first post. His unusual teaching methods and youthful nature quickly make him the children’s hero – and land him in trouble with the school principal and more traditional school staff members. The stories focus on the students and how, inspired by Mr. de Wet, they come to face their issues. Read more about Skooldae

Oh George!

TV series, 1981

Family comedy about the residents of the Pueblo Ponderosa apartment block. When George and Eunice Firkel move into their new luxury flat, it’s a dream come true – until they meet the neighbours and discover exactly how thin the walls are. On the one side there’s Jewish couple Manny and Marsha Bloom, loud, interfering and parents of two terrors; on the other there’s Afrikaans couple Tokkie and Renata Muller, Tokkie a beer rep and ex-Springbok rugby player, Renata a doctoral candidate in sociology. Read more about Oh George!


TV series, 1981-1982

Crime series based on real incidents from old police dossiers and covering all manner of crimes, from murder and robbery to poaching and sabotage. Read more about Klagstaat

Oom Kaspaas en Nefie

TV series, 1980-1981

The first local Afrikaans animated series, based on T.O. Honiball's comics about Oom Kaspaas' rather fanciful hunting adventures. Young Nefie is an eager listener, even if he doesn't always believe the tall tales. For the TV stories, the original scripts from the 1950s radio series were used. Read more about Oom Kaspaas en Nefie

Ridders van die Grootpad

TV series, 1980-1981

Comedy series about two tramps and their adventures on the streets. Despite their different backgrounds and reasons for being on the street, Attie and Joos decide to throw their lot in together. Attie, clearly used to the finer things in life, is always dressed in his threadbare suit. He’s a smooth talker and very good at getting Joos - not the brightest spark - to do all the hard work. Read more about Ridders van die Grootpad


TV series, 1980-1981

Action series following the adventures of a special police task force as they combat urban terrorism. Read more about Taakmag

Señor Onyon

TV series, 1980

Puppet series about the adventures of a Spanish onion and his friends from the vegetable patch. Señor Onyon’s friends include miss Tomato, Granny Smith, Patch Potato, Señor Lemon, Lowly Cabbage and Creepy Crawly the Earthworm. And don’t forget about the chef, always on the lookout for a Spanish onion for his stew...

Señor Onyon and his friends appeared on TV for the first time in 1977, as part of the children’s series Playhouse. Read more about Señor Onyon

Nie Vanweë die Duisternis

TV series, 1980

Drama series based on the successful radio serial and set in a Cape fishing town in the 1940s. It is a time when food shortages in America and Europe have lead to a boom in the fishing industry. Fish factories have shot up all along the coast and fishermen have become rich virtually overnight. But in Vredehoek, community leader Samuel Zeeman has resisted progress. He is opposed by Piet Landman, who after a 40-year absence has returned a wealthy businessman and hopes to make Vredehoek part of the modern world. Read more about Nie Vanweë die Duisternis

Meulenhof se Mense

TV series, 1980

Costume drama that tells the story of the Vermeulen sisters. In 1904 a young teacher, Annemarie Herbst, arrives to lodge at Meulenhof, a historical Cape manor and home to the three unmarried Vermeulen sisters. The household is run by Sarah, strict and stubborn. Years ago, on her wedding day, she refused to marry her fiancé when she discovered that he and her former fiancé had gambled for her hand. Nellie is the rebellious sister who tries to shake off her sister's yoke, while Pauline is shy and introverted. We discover each sister's story through flashbacks to 1889 and 1896. Read more about Meulenhof se Mense


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