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Something Else

TV series, 1981-1982

Series for very young children, in which musician David, his guitar and his ragdoll friend Silly Sue teach about everyday things like the five senses, colours, shapes, clothes, music and more. Read more about Something Else

Justin Imagine

TV series, 1981

Children's series in which Justin Imagine and his friends discover the highlights of science. Justin, Zip, Sue and their other friends use their imaginations to travel through time and space as they learn more about gravity, electomagnetism, the moon and more. They meet some of the most important figures in science, including Sir Isaac Newton, Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison and the mathematicians of ancient Egypt. Read more about Justin Imagine


TV series, 1981-1985

The adventures of a little dog named Cheesecake and his good friend Tennessee, the cat from the American South. They often play detective to bring down villaineous theatre cat Reginald who loves wearing costumes and playing nasty tricks. His sidekick is an elegant pink poodle named Madame – though she’s ready to drop his side when too much trouble brews. The series was a co-production between the SABC and the UK’s ITV. While head of production Nick Orchard and puppeteer Mary Edwards were British, the rest of the production team came from South Africa. Read more about Cheesecake

Die Avonture van Joachim Verwey

TV series, 1981

When Joachim Verwey’s girlfriend leaves him for another man, she has the audacity to take his grandmother’s beautiful old piano with her. He swears to find her and the piano and to bring them both back where they belong – with him, in Soekmekaar. He sets off to Johannesburg with nothing but a suitcase, revolver, bicycle and his pet chameleon Pontius, and soon he finds himself mixed up with criminals and knee-deep in adventure. Read more about Die Avonture van Joachim Verwey

Drome van Gruis

TV series, 1981

Drama series set on the Kimberley diamond fields shortly after the Second World War. Two ruthless villains, Steyn and Fred Allison, are getting rich by swindling people out of their valuable diamond claims. Mr. and Mrs. Daneel refuse to fall for their scam and are murdered. When their 9-year-old son comes across his parents’ bodies, he swears revenge. Nobody will believe the young boy’s story, however, and he has to bide his time until he’s old enough to take on Steyn and Allison. Read more about Drome van Gruis


TV series, 1981

Drama about a small-town newspaper and its fight for press freedom and the truth. Andries Winterbach, the editor of a small rural newspaper, suspects a respected and influential town councillor of manipulating livestock auctions. He tasks his head reporter, Pletz van Pletzen, with unmasking the corrupt Hendrik Breedt – but Breedt doesn’t take their accusations lying down and swears revenge on Winterbach and his paper. He even uses the crush his son Tom has on reporter Helene MacDonald to make life difficult for the paper. Read more about Gazette


TV series, 1981-1985

Drama series following the boardroom and bedroom intrigue of a PR agency and its people. Westgate PR company is plunged into crisis when one of the founders, Franklyn Westgate, dies. A power struggle develops between co-founder Warren Bartlett and Franklyn’s power-hungry widow Alice, who wants to see her son in charge. But young Ashley Westgate is a playboy and knows nothing about the business, and under his control the company sinks deeper into trouble. Meanwhile, the company’s art director, Ivor Kraft, is out for revenge after an accident caused by Ashley has left him scarred. Read more about Westgate

For the Love of Gold

TV series, 1981

Historical drama. In 1900, French doctor Jacques Cervin inherits a South African gold mine from a dying patient. He sets off to the Transvaal where he soon becomes embroiled in the Anglo-Boer War. Adventure follows as he fights on the side of the Boers – and falls in love with an English woman. Other characters are Mary Lawson, the English nurse; Marguerite, a boer girl; the traitor Meeker; the deceitful Praxton; Jacob the young boer commando leader; Sir Henry, the director of a British mining company and Mr. and Mrs. Hasenfeld, Boer sympathisers from the Cape. Read more about For the Love of Gold

Ntunzini Spa

TV series, 1981

Ntunizini Spa is a haven for those wanting to rest, lose weight, regain their health – or looking for romance. The series follows five staff members of this health resort: Neil, the gym instructor and masseuse that makes women swoon; Gustav Gouws, the no-nonsense resort manager and doctor; hostess and guest liaison Gabby; the somewhat naive receptionist Anita; and Bennie, who is spending the holiday before university starts as a handyman at the spa. Episode were written by different writers, overseen by Kobus Louw. Read more about Ntunzini Spa


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