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TV series, 1981-1982

The adventures of the matchstick men from Vuurhoutjieland, told through songs. There’s Buksie, the leader; Hansie Houtskool, the clever one; Frikkie Fosfor, the naive one; self-confident Bella Brand; neurotic Feitjie Vlam; as well as Koos the vegetable man, Dr. Swael with his motorcar, Prof. Kallie Kooltjievuur and the postman. The characters were all made from real matches and matchboxes and the series was filmed using the black theatre method. Read more about Vuurhoutjieland

Uz Adibalz an Fings

TV series, 1979-1980

Childen's series about different animals and their habits and characteristics. Each week Zoot tells a story about a different animal friend, including Ted Tadpole, Fred Frog, Doby Dog, Absentminded the kitten, Horsely Horse and Vitamin B and Buzzy the two busy bees. The characters were made of cardboard and were manipulated by black-clad puppeteers against a black background.

In 1980, a spin-off was broadcast: in Zoot's Rooty Toot Toot Show, Zoot presented his own pop music show. Read more about Uz Adibalz an Fings

Stories uit Wolkeland

TV series, 1979

Children’s series about the raindrops from Wolkeland (“Cloud Land”). King Roelof reigns over Wolkeland and his granddaughter princess Rienkie teaches the young raindrops everything they need to know: how to splash and glide, how to refresh the flowers and how to guard against the Droogtedrakies (“little drought dragons”), Moddermaatjies (“mud buddies”) and the grumpy old northern wind. Some of Rienkie’s students are Neusie, a curious little drop who’s always landing himself in trouble; and Kletter and Klatter, two naughty drops who keep on forgetting to water the flowers. Read more about Stories uit Wolkeland

Die Dubbele Alibi

TV drama, 1976

Suspense drama written especially for television by Cor Dirks, famous Afrikaans author of youth novel series such as Die Uile and Die Otters. It was the first TV drama shown on South African television, on opening night (5 January 1976). Read more about Die Dubbele Alibi

Alphonse and Annie

TV series, 1981

Musical comedy series for children, following the adventures of two clowns. Alphonse is conceited and a bit of a bully. Annie, on the other hand, is sweet, innocent and very gullible. The series was aimed at children between 7 and 13 years. Read more about Alphonse and Annie

The Adventures of Mickey

TV series, 1981

Short series about a young boy who lives on a game reserve. The series followed the real-life adventures of 10-year-old Mickey Reilly, whose father Terence was the head game ranger at Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary near Mbabane in Swaziland. With his dad, Mickey experienced many adventures, like when they moved animals from one reserve to another, or when Mr. Reilly had to save a colony of rare vultures. We also see the friendship between Mickey and the orphaned Gnu, who was rescued in the veld and would follow Mickey wherever he went. Read more about The Adventures of Mickey


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